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La Folie is the expression of two Friends, Olivia-Chelsea and Carolina, who on a USA trip in 2015 attended the legendary burning man festival in Nevada. In search for costumes they went vintage hunting in San Francisco’s second hand heaven Haight street.

What they ended up buying were old college jackets from the 80s. With not much else in their van they grabbed sharpies and went wild on these babies. The jackets became their key piece during the days at the playa and each evolved with every day. “Gifts” were added in the shape of drawings and words by special souls they met, ultimately making these unique personal charms of their adventure.

Leaving the festival the two were fired up with ideas to start something of their own. Spending their last days in Los Angeles the über-active spirit of the city captured them and brought to life the idea for La Folie.

The adventure seeking, wild and simultaneously hustling spirit is ultimately transferred in their fashion brand. With its signature star, this brand stands for dreaming big, reaching for the stars and always following your craziest dreams. The result; true personal expression and the addictive fun-loving and active aesthetic of Los Angeles comes to life in their customizable leisurewear line.

Burn Together,
Stay Together!